A New Neighbour

I have to start off this post with an apology for the radio silence, however I do have a good excuse, the S.O. and I have spent the last month buying our first home! So it seems apt that today’s post is about our newest local restaurant, Neighbour. Located right at the top of Kentish Town high street, Neighbour serves up seasonal fair from brunch until dinner with a cocktail bar tucked away down the stairs.


Naturally we started the evening off with drinks from the ample Spritz menu and they did not disappoint;  chalice sized Aperol and Campari Spritz’s, with the perfect balance of bitter and sweet.


Neighbour offers a vast selection of small plates as well as mains, and after much deliberation, the four of us decided to order a plentiful selection of the small plates to share. I would highly recommend this approach to dining if the option is there, I always want to try as much as I can without feeling like I’m sharing all of my food! The standout dishes by far were the fried chicken with kale and siracha ketchup, the salt cod and fritto misto with salsa verde.


I have to confess we rather over ordered on our mains, so split two desserts, Pimms jelly with strawberry mousse and the chocolate salted caramel torte. The desserts certainly looked beautiful, however it was the mains that stole the show (or perhaps we were too full!).

For a new opening, I think Neighbour is onto a good thing; the space is stunning, with a warm atmosphere, good food and friendly service. I’m happy to count them as my new neighbourhood go-to.


Sunday Papers Live

A Sunday with absolutely no plans is my idea of heaven. It is a day spent lounging, reading the papers, listening to Radio 4, eating a decadent lunch and if I can face it, a walk. So, imagine my absolute delight upon discovering that this perfect Sunday existed outside of my house. Even better than that, imagine it being within a three minute walk of my house! Last Sunday I no longer had to imagine but simply enjoy, thanks to the genius’ behind Sunday Papers Live.


Held at the beautiful Cecil Sharp House, SPL (as I shall refer to it) is an all day event in which each section of the broadsheets is presented by a speaker, with the stunning hall decked out as an oversized living room filled with sofas, cushions and blankets. I would recommend coming early if you want to snag the perfect (and most comfortable) seat.


The hilarious Steve Cross acted as compere for the day, ensuring all speakers were welcomed to stage with rapturous applause. Robert Rowland Smith  presented his psychoanalysis of ‘The Donald’, concluding that what he seems to lack is the super ego. Robert also led the philosophy walk, a gentle gander to Primrose Hill, where we stood and discussed everything from Socrates to gender equality, to stress, which I learnt is simply ‘the inability to adapt’.


Bruce Parry covered the travel section, with a fascinating talk about his discoveries of other cultures, particularly egalitarian tribes. He admitted to everyones amusement that his first screen tests were terrible, informing the crowd that being told to ‘act natural’ produced the exact opposite.


Interspersed between the speakers were the fantastic Sons and Sons, in charge of the crossword. This was no normal crossword, as on our papers there were no clues. Instead the clues are acted out on stage by the comedy pair. Upon completing the crossword, participants are encouraged to run directly to the stage, paper in hand, for the chance to win a prize. I can honestly say I haven’t moved that fast for a longtime. Sadly I was not victorious.

Naturally, this being my new perfect Sunday, it had to contain two of my favourite things, booze and food. These were both in generous supply from Bloodshot Vodka who make a mean Bloody Mary and award winning chef Tom Hunt serving plates of slow roasted lamb shoulder and vegetables spiced with dukkah, barberries and chermoula. There is a dining room at SPL, however we ate at our seats, not wanting to miss out on a minute of the action.

State of The Nation was described as ‘Question Time meets Cage Fighting’ and it did not disappoint. The audience yells out topics / current affairs questions and the selection of panellists each have a few minutes to stand on stage and talk. By far my highlight on the panel was John Sweeny (alongside his dog Bertie) admitting he was too pissed to be on stage whilst making very valid points about utilising the right to vote.


After we had calmed down from all this excitement, there was a pub quiz hosted by Sons and Sons. We managed to cobble together a team, including a man my sister had met at the bar and a couple who happened to be sat at our chosen table for the quiz. We were absolutely disastrous. Coming in third place, we were offered redemption and extra points in a game of egg drop. I would like to add at this moment, five extra points were on offer, however our team managed to convince the host to make it ten. Stacy (my new best friend and team mate) ran to a table with all assortments of ‘pieces of crap’ and wrapped our egg in foam tubing with two balloons on either side. This egg drop was our only chance of victory. All the teams went outside and I stood with our precious egg on the balcony, hoping as I let it drop. To our amazement (and the irritation of the other teams) our egg survived the drop and we won the quiz, proving that street smarts really do trump intellect when it comes to the most ridiculous of quizzes.

Sadly, I will have to wait until September for my next perfect Sunday out but until then I guess my living room will have to.

Lunch of a Freelancer 2.0

Apparently gluttony is a sin, however when it comes to The Cheese Bar I could not disagree more. From the founders of The Cheese Truck, the bar is a permanent home, situated in the heart of Camden Market. I am either extremely lucky (or not depending on how you look at it), to live a mere ten minute stroll from this new eatery. Until the main restaurant is fully ready, there is a very sweet and aptly named ‘Hatch’, where you can order a cheesy sandwich of dreams.


My choice of companion for lunch had to be the biggest cheese lover I know, my oldest friend Anna. It was a beautiful, balmy spring day as we walked through the market, hungry and excited. I opted for the most classic sandwich on the menu, Keens Cheddar, Ogleshield, mixed onions and bacon. Anna couldn’t resist the prospect of mozzarella sticks with marinara dip.

Apart from writing Jane on the wonderfully puntastic ‘Say Cheese’ boxes, this was a perfect lunch. The sandwich was oozing with a river of cheese and rich with the flavours of onion and bacon. I would recommend asking for extra napkins to mop up greasy fingers! The highlight of the meal were the mozzarella sticks, so beautifully crunchy on the outside and stuffed full of high quality mozzarella on the inside, which you can really taste as opposed to the cheaper shop bought variety. The sauce is tangy and sweet and adds a third dimension to what is already incredibly delicious.

If you are looking for hands on lunch, that you can eat with a good friend, that definitely comes under the category of ‘naughty’ this is the place. I for one cannot wait to visit the restaurant and afterwards be rolled back home. The Cheese Bar opens in earnest at the end of March.



Craft Beer Rising


As the readers of this blog can probably tell, I regularly wax lyrical about how much I love a good drink and great company. Luckily, my career choice allows for both of these pastimes. I spent most of the last weekend at the Old Truman Brewery, photographing for Camden Town Brewery at Craft Beer Rising; a wonderful cornucopia land of beers, where guests wonder from stand to stand, sampling everything there is to offer from larger, to pale to dark ale (and even alcoholic ginger beer). The atmosphere is relaxed; everyone is friendly and a little bit tipsy.
I love shooting for Camden for so many reasons, they are a fantastic brand who make delicious beer and everytime I turn up to shoot somebody at the bar smiles and yells ‘hey photographer lady!’ which completely makes my day. In between photographing other people drinking beer, I had a chance to try some myself (naturally).
I usually opt for an Unfiltered Hells for it’s fresh full taste, however at CBR this year there was a new beer to try, Charlie Roper’s ‘Foolish’ Rhubard IPA. The first keg was tapped on Saturday, with the money raised from Charlie’s beer going to Medicines Sans Frontiers.
Sadly CBR is now over however do not despair! You can try Foolish at The Horseshoe or Camden’s Daughter and still raise money for charity. If you are a fan of a fresh, punchy and deliciously sour beer, this IPA is the one, and having tasted more than one at CBR, I definitely have the authority to say so.

London Shell Co. A Day In The Life


I met Harry and Leah on a beautiful summers day at a friend’s lunch. They burst in like a whirlwind with a bag of fresh oysters and more Riesling than I thought humanly possible to drink. Between shucking and drinking, they told us about their plan to open a pop-up restaurant on a boat, serving seafood paired with wine. Being an unashamed opportunist, I told them if they ever needed pictures taken, I was their girl.

Two boats and many evenings later they have found a home aboard the Prince Regent and I cannot recommend a more delicious or fun experience. I have shot for them on many occasions but my all time favourite was spending the day documenting every detail. Armed with my trusty Bronica, we set off to Billingsgate at some ungodly hour in the morning. We spoke to fishmongers, drank cups of tea and ate bacon sarnies. We bombed it back in the van to the boat where chef Tim prepared for the lunch service. At lunch excited diners embarked, ate and drank to their hearts content as we floated along the canal. We docked back in Camden and after the last tipsy guest left I took a portrait of this amazing brother and sister team, beaming with pride at their well-deserved achievement.

So I strongly recommend that after reading my post you visit https://www.londonshellco.com and book in for an unforgettable experience.



My Ultimate #TBT (2010)

Seven years ago when I was fresh faced and far cooler, I couldn’t go anywhere without my camera. The only thing I wanted in life was to be just like Nan Goldin, I positively worshipped her. I loved (& still love) the raw emotion of her images, the uncensored moments of human intimacy.
With all these grand ambitions in mind I took my camera everywhere including a trip to Edinburgh. A group of us stayed in a house that had yet to be touched by anything described as modern. So many things happened that year, we had all left university, the future uncertain and terrifying. I felt that I had to document it all. Over that summer I fell in love, fell out of love, cemented life long friendships and learnt never to ask my friends to watch my camera in a bar.
I find myself looking at this series of images more than I care to admit, but I truly love them. To me they are completely evocative of such a specific time in my life, and regardless of their merit I will always look a them with the upmost fondness.
So here’s to my ultimate #TBT, Edinburgh 2010.

HYPEBEAST x Matthew Miller

I count myself lucky enough to say that my first job of the year was fun and something a little different from what I normally shoot. Hypebeast commissioned me to photograph behind the scenes of the Matthew Miller casting for London Fashion Week Mens Collections.

Apart from feeling approximately 100 years old next to the models, I love shooting behind the scenes. Unlike other jobs, it is an opportunity to be invisible, to blend in (laughs at self ‘blending in’ with male models) and look out for little unguarded moments.

I have put my favourite shot from the day here, and if you wish to see the full article, press right here : Hypebeast x Matthew Miller